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Seattle is about to be awarded a pro hockey team.  What should the New Seattle Hockey team be named?


Seattle Hockey Names for consideration

 Seattle  Admirals

Seattle Aeros

Seattle Americans

Seattle Avatars

Seattle Aviators

Seattle Bisons

Seattle Blades

Seattle Blazers

Seattle Blizzard

Seattle Centurions

Seattle Chinooks

Seattle Clippers

Seattle Dinos

Seattle Dynamos

Seattle Emerald Aces

Seattle Emerald Ice

Seattle Generals

Seattle Huskies

Seattle Ice Breakers

Seattle Ice Caps

Seattle Ice Demons

Seattle Ice Pilots

 Seattle Kermodes

 Seattle Kodiaks

Seattle Mustangs

Seattle Navigators

Seattle Norsemen

Seattle Rampage

Seattle Rhinos

Seattle Seafarers

Seattle Sea Horses

Seattle Sea Serpents

Seattle Selects

Seattle Sentinels

Seattle Shamrocks

Seattle Silverbacks

Seattle Slingers

Seattle Spinnakers

Seattle Spitfires

Seattle Stealth

Seattle Sting

Seattle Styx

Seattle Thrashers

Seattle Turbos

Seattle Vipers

Seattle Whalers

Seattle Wolf Pack

Seattle Wolverines

All of these names are dot com domains


Seattle Dragons and other Dragon names for consideration

 Seattle Dragons

 Seattle Alpine Dragons

 Seattle Arctic Dragons

 Seattle Black Dragons

 Seattle Blade Dragons

 Seattle Cascade Dragons

 Seattle Cloud Dragons

 Seattle Emerald Dragons

 Seattle Evergreen Dragons

 Seattle Fire Dragons

 Seattle Ghost Dragons

 Seattle Glacier Dragons

 Seattle Golden Dragons

 Seattle Green Dragons

 Seattle Ice Dragons

 Seattle Junior Dragons

 Seattle Jade Dragons

 Seattle Kraken Dragons

 Seattle Metro Dragons

 Seattle Midas Dragons

 Seattle Norse Dragons

 Seattle Polar Dragons

 Seattle Port Dragons

 Seattle Puget Dragons

 Seattle Rainier Dragons

 Seattle Red Dragons

 Seattle Salish Dragons 

 Seattle Sea Dragons

 Seattle Seatac Dragons

 Seattle Silver Dragons

 Seattle Sky Dragons

 Seattle Space Dragons

 Seattle Spirit Dragons

 Seattle Star Dragons

 Seattle Steel Dragons

 Seattle Storm Dragons

 Seattle Thunder Dragons

 Seattle Winter Dragons

 Any one of these  Seattle Dragons would 

 be ready to do battle with a knight,a king

 a orca,etc.

 Dragons are legendary around the world

 A Dragon name would create global 

 interest thus a global brand

 Seattle Dragons could become 

 legendary in the Pro Hockey World

 The logo of a Dragon in the shape of an 

  “S” would sell a lot of  jerseys etc.

 All of these names are dot com domains

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